My Successful Root Canal Treatment

I took root canal treatment in the year of 2005 from Dr. Kavita and I am glad to say that there has been no problem since the day of the treatment.

Thereafter, I undertook root canal treatment for other 3 teeth as well, which also have given no problem till date.

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Kavita...thank you very much!

Madhusudan Naran Patel
Assistant Engineer
S. S. N. Pvt. Ltd.

Root Canal along with Denture treated

In the year of 2001, I went for root canal treatment from Dr. Kavita. Thereafter, I also had a denture made from her. But its 2012 and I have not encountered a single problem with either the denture or the root canal. I have been having intake of hard-chewing items since 12 years and there has been no problem. I did not have to take any pain-killers till date. That has been Sai’s biggest blessing. It is my heartfelt wish that Dr. Kavita reaches the pinnacle of success.

Kanubhai Pandya

Free from Pain after Filling up my Teeth

After filling my new teeth from Dr. Kavita, now I can easily eat apple, cucumber, chapati, chicken, which I couldn't eat earlier. If I had got them done before, it might have given me less pain as well as lesser expenses. "If everyone prays in joy, there will be no sorrows." It is good now also. However small the pain might be, the fright of getting the pain is much more than that.

Prof. Namdev Tarachandani
(68 years)