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Prosthodontics - Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants are the new smile correctors!

Dr. Kavita’s expertise goes deep in Physiodispenser with implant kit, which includes dental implants with all advance surgical procedures like sinus lift.

The implant helps to improve the appearance of worn-down, chipped or broken teeth by replacing an artificial tooth root to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are an ideal option for people in good general oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. Implants are not only used to replace one tooth, but rather people missing most, if not all, of their teeth benefit greatly as well.

Dental implant is made of durable material which can replace the natural tissue. Its installation does not damage the healthy tissue, restores the natural processes function and restores the original form of the dentition.

A dental implant installation takes about one hour with the use of the local anaesthesia. The recovering period lasts from 2 to 6 month. The term of recovering primary depends on the patient’s health.

Dental implants were developed for full restoration of the tooth. The average dental implant’s life cycle is 25 years. Dental implants do not have the threat of tooth decay, and it is rather difficult to break the crown.

The life of implants can be extended with oral hygiene, including the dentist’s check up two times per year.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is all about giving you that perfect beautiful smile!

Also known as cosmetic dentistry, it includes a combination of wide-range cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry procedures — including porcelain veneers and crowns, tooth-coloured fillings, laminates and diastema closure, dental bonding, teeth whitening, and more — to design the perfect smile for you!

Smile Designing can help you have a dental facelift which can reverse the natural aging process of teeth. It offers a wide variety of treatment options for people seeking to enhance their smile. In many cases, a combination of these techniques is required to deliver the best results.

Golden proportion & Axial Inclination – While designing customized smiles, features like Golden proportion (universal synchronized tooth size evaluation), Axial Inclination (inward or outward looking teeth), lip curvature, gum line all are kept in mind to provide you with a scalpel-free face lift and smile modification.

DENTAL BONDING (Tooth Coloured Fillings) - are tooth coloured composite resins materials matched to the natural shade of your teeth. Dental bonding can fix cosmetic and structural imperfections in the teeth. It can also repair cracked, chipped, misaligned teeth and discoloured teeth as well as replace silver amalgam fillings providing a straighter, more uniform smile.

COSMETIC RESIN BONDING - is a time tested technology that delivers predictable and satisfactory results.

PORCELAIN INLAYS/ONLAYS - are durable and attractive restorations used to repair cracked or otherwise damaged teeth. Inlays and on lays require less tooth reduction than fillings or crowns and are bonded to the tooth enhancing its strength. Custom-crafted of luminous, stain-resistant porcelain, veneers tenaciously bond to teeth for a long-lasting, gorgeous smile.

TOOTH JEWELLERY - Unlike a tattoo or body piercing, the tooth jewellery can be easily removed or changed by a dentist and your tooth will not be damaged. The procedure is totally painless and the tooth is not damaged in any way. The tooth jewellery does not cause any harm to the lip, cheek or gum.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Kavita’s Dental Studio assures that immediate dentures and immediate bridge (fixed teeth) would be delivered on the same day.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation creates a smile that is functional, comfortable and beautiful without going under the knife. This procedure corrects imperfections in bite position and enhances the appearance of the smile.

One can eat without getting discomfort from hot or cold food, the day can start without soreness in your jaw, and the day can be completed without having to fight recurring headaches. Regaining a beautiful smile is extremely rewarding to your confidence and can be done without any messy surgeries or anaesthetic.

Anyone with short, worn teeth or those that are chipped and broken throughout the mouth would be an excellent candidate. Full mouth rehabilitation is highly successful with careful planning and treatment sequencing.


Laser Dentistry

Dr Kavita’s Dental Studio uses innovative technologies in Lasers, such as the diode laser which has provided considerable benefit to dental patients and professionals.

Diode Laser Therapy is nothing more than shining a high intensity light into the area of interest. The ‘light’ is very intense monochromatic and coherent and is applied with a very specific dose in mind. Diode Lasers can also be used for Gum Contouring, Teeth Whitening, Ulcers, Sores and Muscle Pain.

Modern dentistry utilizes low-level lasers in tissue healing acceleration, pain alleviation, reducing inflammation and physiotherapy in the orofacial region.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a non toxic, non invasive and provides instant relief and reduces healing duration by 30-40% and is very safe if applied by a trained practitioner.